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BUYERS AGENTS SECRETS: Local Insight makes a World of Difference

Posted By Nicole Marsh - Buyers Agent  
07:00 AM
BUYERS AGENT SECRET: There's so much information online these days that anyone can jump online and quickly become an 'expert' in just about anything - but you know what, nothing beats 'local knowledge'. 

There are a number of great tools and websites available to real estate buyers - You can use Google Maps to drill down into the location and the surroundings. You can ask Google just about anything 

BUT there are just some things Google won't and can’t tell you about - no matter how much online research you do.

Google can’t tell you about the smell from the sewage treatment plant kilometres away when the wind blows the wrong way. 

Google can’t tell you about the traffic noise at the wrong time of the day, the mozzies expected at certain times of the year or about the low lying backyard that's likely to flood at the first sign of rain....(And Im pretty sure the selling agent won't tell you about these either!)

That's where local knowledge can make the world of difference!. 

If you're in the market for a property outside your local area, I suggest spending some time just 'hanging out' - head to the local coffee shop or stick your dog on a lead (so you don't look like a stalker!) and head out for a walk in the neighbourhood you're wanting to buy in. 

Talk to the locals and ask them a few questions about the area, the local schools, any flooding and even where the rental properties are - you'll find most people are only too happy to share - and especially what they don't like about the area! 

That way, you can purchase your new home with the confidence and fingers crossed, no 'hidden surprises'.