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Buying Property Online

Posted By Nicole Marsh - Buyers Agent  
07:00 AM


Today you can buy clothes, shoes, groceries, and furniture online. Thinking back, just 10 years ago we didnt even do our banking on our phones.


Now you can apply for a credit card or home loan online and you can even buy ‘Bacon Flavoured Dental Floss’ online (Yes this is an actual thing - check it out along with 27 Hillariously Weird things you can buy on Amazon!)  BUT What  about real estate? Would you buy a property online?


There are a number of great tools available to real estate buyers - high definition 3D walk throughs with the ability to change fixtures, fittings and wall colours. You can use Google Maps to drill down into the location and the surroundings. You can ask Google just about anything  - BUT there are just some things Google won't and can’t tell you about - no matter how much online research you do.


Nothing beats engaging the human senses!


Google can’t tell you about the cracks in the walls of your dream home you found online, or the smell from the sewage treatment plant kilometres away when the wind blows the wrong way.


Google can’t tell you about the traffic noise, the mozzies or the damp smell. It wont tell you about the low lying backyard thats likely to flood at the first sign of rain.


(And Im pretty sure the selling agent wont tell you about these either!)


It still amazes me that people buy property sight unseen, reliant only on the selling agent for information who has a direct conflict of interests.


Thats where utilising the services of a local buyers agent is worth every cent! One who knows the suburbs well, the percularilities of the area and who knows what to look out for in a property. Things like the freshly painted ceiling to disguise a roof leak, or new skirting boards that hint at a termite damage repair …… things that often the selling agent isnt even aware of.


Over the 12 years Ive been a Gold Coast Buyer Agent, Ive worked with hundreds of buyers from all over the world and we have fine-tuned our process so much that I believe we’ve mastered the art of buying property on the Gold Coast. To the point where 95% of our buyers are so confident with the level of information we provide, our feedback, research, photos and walk through videos that they never personally inspect the property they purchase until long after they’ve owned it - and for investors, often never…..



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