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Envy sees only the flower bed, NEVER the spade!

Posted By Nicole Marsh - Buyers Agent  
10:49 AM

How true is this!


I remember reading this quote back in my 20's - I don't remember where, but I think a nursery (ha go figure....) and I don't know who wrote it but it's something that has stuck with me ever since, even now Im in my 40's.....


I often have people tell me how 'lucky' I am to have the business I have and do what I do......There is nothing LUCKY about it! Im fortunate, but there's no luck involved.


Everything I've done so far in my life has led me to this point today, where I am right now - the previous businesses, the car accident that nearly killed me and changed my whole perspective on things, my little family, my background - everything and I own it all! The good bits and the not so good bits.....and the life I live now is how I planned it way back before I had a family and had all the time in the world!


Nobody sees the late nights, the early mornings - every spare minute consumed with studying, training courses, reading business books and taking counsel from people I've adopted as mentors. Nobody sees the questions, the planning, hard work, the juggling a family and strategic thinking behind the scenes....


In life they say there is no guarantees - I disagree!


Along the way I decided to invest in myself and my continued education. I don't know how much $ I've spent but the one thing I could guarantee in life is myself! I could guarantee that I would show up, give it my all, 110% effort, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME - and could guarantee I would keep showing up and work to constantly improve on yesterday


So next time you're feeling 'envious' of someone else's successes (and we all do it) especially with facebook and insta where everyone only posts the best of the best in life - stop and take a minute to think about what goes on behind the scenes and what got them to where they are today....is there something else you could be doing in this minute that gets you a step closer to the life you want??.....