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Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there

Posted By Nicole Marsh - Buyers Agent  
07:20 AM

Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing Mums out there! It's a bloody tough gig some days.


I didn't have my son, Blake, til I was 37. I was so busy in my business and 40 just kind of snuck up on me to be honest - I got to 36 and thought 'Jeez I better get on with it' and two months later I was pregnant. Here we are 7 years later.


I'm so grateful it happened so easily when my age was against me. We had some scares along the way with some bleeding early up and an amniocentesis needed when blood tests came back for very high risk of down syndrome. Thankfully it all came back negative. 


Every now and then I get a bit clucky - but that very quickly passes - and we've decided one is definitely enough for us, and that's ok. We're all happy and we have a great life together.


I spend my 40's doing things that were never on my radar. Things like mastering my skills on the PS4, watching re-runs of Power Rangers (yep, they're still as bad as they were back then...), dressing up as Wonder Woman - and actually leaving the house 🤣, and cleaning kid spew out of my ugg boots - but you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way. .


This kid has taught me so much - he's a very spirited fella, and the best negotiator I've ever come across. Yep, it's come back to bite me big time. He's a little comedian and has us in fits of laughter every day.


He can be like chinese water torture some days and every day he tests me and tries my patience but makes me push hard to be a better version of myself. As a mum, I've also become a lot more environmentally, economically and socially conscious as I think about the world we live behind for our kids to inherit. 🌏


How has becoming a mum made you become a better version of you? Like Blake keeps asking 'When's Kids Day?' - Maybe we should have one to celebrate all the ways they push us to be better versions of ourselves.....