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So, What's REALLY going on in the Gold Coast Property Market? March 2019 Newsletter

Posted By Nicole Marsh - Buyers Agent  
06:00 AM

WOW!! I can't believe it -  the 31st of this month marks my 10th year in business, and 13th year as a buyers agent on the Gold Coast.

I've got alot more grey hair and wrinkles than when I started, that's for sure, but thankyou to all my past clients for the trust you placed in me along the way.

I know we've had a few laughs, tears, some frustrations and a few of my bad jokes along the way - but Im so happy to have been a part of the process with you all....

In my early 20's (like last week 😂🤣) I went to a clairvoyant and I vividly remember her telling me that 'the wealth in my life would come through the signing of papers for other people'......at the time it made no sense whatsoever, but now approaching my mid 40's, I know exactly what she means.

That's EXACTLY what I do now and by wealth she didn't mean $$, but wealth as in a full and happy life. I love what I do, although on some of those really tough days where the whole world seems to be conspiring against me, being a check out chick at Coles looks very inviting, but while ever I still enjoy doing what I do for the most part, I'll keep doing it! I will definately be around for awhile yet.....!

I've got so many plans and ideas for the direction of the business so watch this space over the next 10 years - I feel like I'm only getting started!

So, what REALLY is happening in the Gold Coast property market right NOW?

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