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Which one would you rather rent as a tenant?

Posted By Nicole Marsh - Buyers Agent  
05:00 AM

Did you know that we can also manage cosmetic renovations of your property?


Undertaking a cosmetic renovation can be a great way to enhance the returns on an investment property making it more appealing to tenants, can often lead to an increase in capital value and can be a great way to secure a property below market value. 


Did you know buyers pay more for a 'pretty' home? It's a fact! Read more


We leave the major renovations to our trusted contacts of builders and tradesmen, but sometimes a property just needs a bit of a once over to get it ready to move into, either for you or your tenants. 


While in a perfect world buyers would prefer not to take on any type of work in the property they purchase - In the real world, sometimes you just can't get the ideal property in the perfect location without it and often the best opportunities can be found in the 'ugly' properties. The ones the other buyers overlook.......




Check out our before and after photos and a full break down of costs