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Why use a Buyers Agent when buying property on the Gold Coast?   

Posted By Nicole Marsh - Buyers Agent  
07:20 AM
We're often asked "Why should I use a buyers agent when I can do it myself?"
There's a number of reasons why buyers choose to work with us here at Eureka Buyers Agents but these are the top ones:

 Avoid paying too much for a property

An important reason for choosing a Property Buyers Agent is to capitalise on our market knowledge and the skills and tools we use to ensure that you never pay more than a property's true value. We do extensive research on comparable properties for sale, recently sold as well as currently for sale properties. We also know about the greater market forces at play - therefore establishing a properties 'true' value.  
(Depending upon your personal circumstances a Buyers Agents fees may be totally tax deductable.  Please discuss this with your accountant)

Avoid nasty hidden surprises with your property 

Buyers Agents know the questions to ask AND where to find the answers, which ensures that you don't find any nasty hidden surprises before it's too late. We also know which clauses to put on the contract to ensure you are always protected. 

Save hundreds of hours in time

A Buyers Agent can do all of the time-sapping tasks that you'd normally need to do on the weekends, after hours or in the midst of a busy day, such as:
  • Looking for properties
  • Researching suitable areas and properties
  • Shortlisting suitable properties
  • Dealing with (and following up!) real estate agents
  • Finding out whether the real estate agents are supplying accurate information
  • Inspecting properties
  • Negotiating the price
  • Negotiating the contract terms
  • Working with conveyancers or solicitors

 Reduce about a million headaches!

Here are just a few things that create enormous stress for buyers:
  • Real estate agents not returning your calls
  • Wasting time seeing properties that were described incorrectly and looked nothing like the flashy photos on the internet
  • Exhaustion as a result of the endless running around
  • Frustration at hearing how other buyers snap up properties that you haven't even heard about
  • Frustration at trying to research such things as the next 'Hot Spot' but not really knowing what you're looking for
  • Unsure of the contract process and how to best protect yourself
  • Constantly fearing that you're going to make a massive financial mistake

Save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase price

Access those silent sales you always hear about - we know how and where to find them. About 30 percent of the properties we buy are never advertised for sale. For a buyer, this can result in thousands, if not tens of thousands, in dollars saved!
In addition, we are trained negotiators and know the tricks of the trade - we turn these tricks in your favour ensuring that you purchase at the best possible price.

Do you want your identity to remain confidential?

As a buyer, sometimes remaining anonymous can be crucial in the property purchasing process.
Whether you are in the public eye, or simply want to buy the property next door, working with Eureka Property Buyers Agents is an ideal way to confidentially secure the property you want at the lowest possible price. (Some of our past clients include politicians, sporting identities and even members of the Royal Family) 
Whatever the reason, your confidentiality is assured.

If you're an investor, build your property portfolio faster

You can build your property portfolio faster by finding the best property for your needs, whether this is positive cashflow, negative gearing or high growth areas, and securing it at the best possible price - often below market value. We can also assist you with pinpointing properties ideal to value add  through renovations, or improvements

Have one point of contact

Rather than wasting time having to contact several different real estate agents, using a Buyers Agent means that you deal with one point of contact. US! A Buyers Agent will coordinate the process so that you can just enjoy living your life.   It's a much better way to leverage your time!

Now that you know how a Buyers Agent can help contact Nicole Marsh to have an obligation free discussion