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Eureka Property Buyers Agents in the Media

As Buyers Agents, we are often asked for our opinions on differing subjects within the property market.

Here are some of the most recent articles....


Realestate.com.au - May 2015
Buying near a school: A smart investment.
Today is National Walk to School Day, an annual event to encourage a safe and healthy morning commute for Aussie kids. But with more and more parents using out school results filter to search for property - it's clear a safe walk to school is a concern every day of the year. Read More
 Realestate.com.au - April 2015
 What is a Duplex and what's it got going for it?
 Imagine buying in your ideal location - with your own land - and for about half the price of a house? Dont think it's possible? Open your eyes and see the duplex. A duplex home is one of the property world's quiet achievers, often able to produce strong value growth and healthy rental yields for a much lower price than its neighbourhood's detached houses. Read More
Australian Property Investor Magazine -  March 2015
The Joy of going Halves
 Who doesn't love two-for-one deals? Or perhaps you prefer buying value-packed assets with extras thrown in? Read More
Australian Property Investor Magazine - September 2011
Buying property with friends or relatives 
While the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) doesn’t know how many residential properties are jointly purchased by blood relatives, anecdotal feedback from the property market suggests the number is steadily rising. ABS data shows a steady decline in the number of young adults who are marrying; less than half as many 20 to 24-year-olds married in 2007 than in 1988. Read More
Your Invesment Property Magazine - October 2014

Three Steps to Snagging a bargain Property Investment 

 Paying the lowest price is every property investor’s goal, so we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to help you snag a real estate bargain. Read More
Business Review Weekly - January 2013
 Gold Coast 'event' sells 72 homes
 Heavy rains did not deter buyers from snapping up 72 Gold Coast homes on Sunday worth a total of $32 million.

Billed as Australia’s biggest residential auction, Ray White’s annual “The Event” brought 103 properties to market and sold 72, showing an overall clearance rate of 70 per cent. Read More

 Commonwealth Bank Property Blog - November 2012
 City Change
When it comes to buying real estate, there's no substitute for seeing a place in person. 

Nicole Marsh, from buyers’ agency Eureka, recently visited a property to check it out for clients. On the map it looked to be far enough away from a local tip. Read More

 Your Mortgage Magazine - June 2012
3 Reasons Why Your Property Isn't Selling
Trying to sell your home or investment property? If it’s been on the market forever and you’re struggling to get any bites, don’t fret. We’ll show you how to get those offers coming.
When the market is flooded with properties for sales, it’s known as a “buyer’s market”. Many suburbs and cities across Australia are currently in a buyer’s market, which means buyers have many more property choices at their fingertips. Read More
Your Mortgage Magazine - June 2011
 Body corporate - help or hindrance?
Body corporates: can they help you make sure your home or investment property is well cared for, or do they just create huge headaches? Read More
Your Investment Property Magazine - March 2011
7 ways to devalue your Property
Did you know that your pets or your dodgy next-door neighbours could substantially decrease the value of your property?

Bad pet smells, hasty renovations and noisy neighbours can all serve to lower the value of your home, according to Nicole Marsh, Licensed Buyers Agent from Eureka Property Buyers Agents on the Gold Coast, while letting your property fall into a state of disrepair is another quick way to shrink its value. Here, Marsh outlines a few key features that can drag down your homes value and ultimately, the sale price you can achieve  Read More

Australian Property Investor Magazine - March 2011
Australia - Land of Opportunity
Overseas Investors are drawn to the Australian Real Estate. API investigates why they're investing the money on our shores and where. Read More