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Our Property Buying Services

Not one property buyer's needs are ever the same, so we don't believe in having a 'one size fits all' approach.

Eureka Buyers Agents have 3 packages available: 

  • Auction only package - let us bid on your behalf
  • The Silver package - only pay for what you need
  • The Gold package - Buy property in your PJ's. Sit back and relax while we do everything


Auction Only Package - let us bid on your behalf

This package is perfect for those people that want to avoid all the stress and pressure of Auction Day.
We will provide you with a 'Comparative Market Analysis' on your chosen property, showing you:
  • Where it is positioned in the market
  • How it compares to others For Sale
  • How it compares to other properties that have Recently Sold
Together we'll come up with a strategy for Auction Day. You simply provide us with your written instructions for the Auction and we'll attend and bid on your behalf. Save yourself from an emotional bid that blows your budget!


Auction Bidding - Part One: We've undertaken our research and know exactly what we want to pay to secure this property. With a court ordered sale and being a no reserve auction, I have no idea how this is going to play out but we'll give it our best shot!!


   Auction Bidding - Part Two: Hear the outcome and our thoughts on the auction! It was like a horse race!!

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Silver package - only pay for what you need

Under our silver package you only pay for the parts of our services you need (and not for the bits you don't) by way of an hourly rate fee. You can mix and match any of our Gold property buying service components together to create a package specific to your personal needs.  This is the perfect package if:
  • You have found the right property yourself and would like a second opinion
  • You can't inspect properties yourself and would like an 'unbiased' full set of photos and videos taken, as well as inspection reports. 
  • You need help with negotiations
  • You need local knowledge of streets, areas, places to avoid etc 
  • You need a 'Comparative Market Analysis' of the property showing you how your chosen property compares to current and past sales in the surrounding area


So why should a buyer use a buyers agent? This is just one example but in this video I discuss a first home buyer here on the Gold Coast who could have got himself into dire financial trouble by not having us involved. He employed us to assist under our hourly rate page once he found the property himself. 

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The Gold Package - Sit back and relax while we do everything!

"......Wow - will never buy another house without a buyers agent! This was our third property but the first time we have used an agent, Nicole took care of everything." - The Jamiesons - ACT. July 2018"
.......From beginning to end, Nicole made the process as seamless as possible......"  David - USA. Dec 2017"
......the result was outstanding....." Jamie and Natalie Clarke - Tas. Oct 2017
This is our most popular package, and with good reason. We scour the market and take care of all the searching, researching, inspecting, and evaluating on your behalf. 
We shortlist the most suitable properties, and make recommendations of the best, based on your needs.   
We'll work on your behalf right through until settlement. We spend, on average, 200-300 hours per client on our gold service - far more than the ordinary person can do after hours or on weekends in the hunt for the right property.  Oh and by the way, you don't pay for 200 hours worth of work via an hourly rate, there is a set capped fee, and it's extremely competitive.

Highlights of the Gold service package are as follows: 
  • We inspect unlimited properties for you.  We stay in regular contact with you and will provide you with a 'Property Tick & Flick Log' documenting the properties we have found. We'll let you know whether we've investigated the property further, or disregarded it, and on what grounds. We always ensure that you are constantly kept up to date with our progress. We aim to be in touch with you at least two to three times a week if not more during the search phase.
  • You receive detailed inspection reports. Our detailed inspection reports provide you with extensive research on the property, the neighbours, the location and any future planned development. We are also one of the only buyers agents in Australia to compile photo and video reports to give you detailed insight into the good, the bad and the ugly! The level of information we provide is that high, that 95% of the buyers we purchase for never physically inspect the properties they buy until well after they own them. 
  • You receive Comparative Market Analysis Reports.  We will provide you with an up-to-date Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Report on recommended properties.  These reports will show recent sales in the area, as well as analysis of other comparable properties on the market. These reports help to determine the true market value of any given property, so that you know you are not paying more than its true worth.
  • We will attend auctions if requiredWe will attend and bid on your behalf at auctions, saving you time and removing the risk of an emotional bid that blows your budget.
  • We will negotiate on your behalf. This is where we 'put the gloves on and go into battle' for you, turning all the tricks of the trade in your favour to ensure the property is purchased at the best possible price - on your terms, not the sellers. 
  • We guide you through the contract process.  The contract process in Queensland is extremely different to all other states and territories, so our guidance will save you a lot of time and costly mistakes - even on things you may not have thought about.
  • You can access our tried and tested networks - after 12 years as buyers agents, we've built a number of valuable and reliable contacts in the industry - from pest and building inspectors, to conveyancers, and to tradespeople. Contacts who will provide you with a high level of service and who acutally 'turn up' when they say they will. 
 Once we have successfully negotiated the purchase:
After the property is under contract, we will monitor the contract right through until settlement, liaising with your financier, solicitor and council (within our scope) to ensure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible, and is kept on schedule.
We will also:
  • Organise and attend any required building and pest inspections on your behalf. 
  • Renegotiate the price and/or conditions (where necessary) after receiving the pest and building report.  
  • Conduct a thorough pre-settlement inspection on your behalf, ensuring everything is as it should be as per the contract. 
  • Collect the keys after settlement and distribute them as per your instructions.
 Post-Settlement Support: (assessed on a case by case basis)
  • We will liaise with tradesmen to carry out any required works as highlighted in the building and pest report.
  • For investors: research the best property manager in your area and work with them until the property is let and a tenant move in.

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We're so confident in the level of service we provide, we back it up with our 100% money back guarantee!