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property Obsession Feeds stress


Searching for a new property can be a very stressful time for the majority of couples, with a national survey confirming what many home hunters already know.

In Queensland, 53 percent of property hunters claim they have become so distressed that they have fought about it with their loved ones, while on a national scale, 84 percent of property hunters find inspecting properties to be more stressful than shopping during the Boxing Day sales.

Australia's obsession with property hunting is stressing out the nation and impacting on relationships with loved ones, according to research by leading Australian online property portal realestate.com.au

The survey findings reveal NSW property hunters are the most stressed out in the country.

Not surprisingly, this added stress is having an adverse effect on wellbeing, with 57 percent of NSW property hunters saying they have become so distressed by the property search that they have fought about it with their loved ones.
Queenslanders are the calmest.

Clinical psychologist and relationship expert DR Timothy Sharp said the findings came as no surprise to him. Many people underestimate the effect big decisions, such as buying or renting a property, has on our state of being and how happy we are day to day he said.

The key is to reduce the stress associated with the process. In doing so, we not only make better decisions but we bring the fun back.

Despite finding the search for their dream home stressful, it seems Australians are addicted to the hunt.

Ninety-two percent of property seekers spend more than one full day per month (up to 25hours) researching potential homes online.

The research revealed 86 percent of people believe using online property websites could help ease the pressure.
Gold Coast Sun Newspaper - April 22nd, 2010
Comment from Eureka!: More documented evidence on the stress property buyers are under in the hunt for the perfect property. There is a better way - Using a buyers agent is much cheaper than a divorce! heheheh