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Latest Property Buying News and Resources

 Our Monthly Newsletters - access our archives to view past copies of our monthly newsletters to find out whats REALLY going on in the Gold Coast property market. 


Gold Coast Property Market Update - read our monthly assessment of the Gold Coast Property Market


So what drives the Gold Coast Economy? - We're often asked by our interstate investors what the main driver is of the Gold Coast economy - many people believe its tourism but actually the HEALTH industry is the Number One employer for Gold Coasters.


What impact will the Commonwealth Games have on Gold Coast Property? - the impact is already being felt on the Gold Coast accross the board. “The Gold Coast market recap for 2014 clearly identifies that houses in almost all of the suburbs surrounding the 2018 Commonwealth Games have witnessed median price growth over the past 12 months,”


What sort of properties does a buyers agent personally buy? FOR ME, GIVE ME LAND ANYDAY! The way I see it, God isn’t creating any more land, but he is creating more people - and funny enough, they all mostly want to live in the same place, so for me I like big land parcels - I believe these will attract a premium in the future - as more and more infill developments take place and big land parcels become more scarce.


Property DepreciationOn Tuesday the 9th of May 2017 the government proposed changes to the depreciation of plant and equipment assets in the federal budget. These proposed changes were passed by the Senate on the 15th of November 2017. Shortly after these changes were proposed and following their legislation, a number of property investors contacted BMT Tax Depreciation to discuss how they might be affected. Understandably so, as the last major changes to depreciation legislation were made by the government in the mid 1980’s.


Help for Property Buyers - Why buyers should consider a Buyers Agent. Opinion by Neil Jenman. 


Homes selling in Secret - THOUSANDS of homes are selling in secret, without a marketing campaign, online advertising or even a "for sale" sign on the front lawn.


The Property Clock - BUYING in a boom or selling in a slump can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you are on the wrong end of the deal, or it can set you up for a bumper profit if you get the timing right.


Buyer Beware! - Should sellers have to provide mandatory building inspection reports to prospective purchasers?Can flood-prone Queensland homes be sold without sellers or agents volunteering the soggy truth? Yes!!!

Property Obsession Feeds Stress - Searching for a new property can be a very stressful time for the majority of couples, with a national survey confirming what many home hunters already know. 
Buyers Agents strongest link in Property Acquisition - In the inevitably complex process of buying and selling property, more and more real estate agents agree a skilled buyers agent is an essential link in the chain, not only working to simplify proceedings, but also securing the best possible outcome for all involved.
The Defeat of Home Buyers Remorse - Regret. Guilt. Uncertainty. Most have experienced the unpleasant sensations that inconveniently follow even the most trivial of purchases, but the sense of buyer's remorse is infinitely multiplied when applied to the single-most expensive acquisition of a lifetime: property.

Gold Coast Buyers Agent Saves another couple from the Divorce Courts - it's well documented that buying a new home is one of the most stressful experiences you'll go through in your life time. In fact, according to Australian online property portal realestate.com.au, 84 per cent of property hunters find inspecting properties to be more stressful than shopping during the Boxing Day Sales.