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At Eureka we are different to other Property Buyers Agents. 

Here's why:


There is no risk thanks to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll be happy with our services that if you're not 100% satisfied with our level of service within the first 14 days, we will cheerfully refund your money in full and cancel our agreement.

Comprehensive Experience. We buy an average of 4 properties a month and have helped hundreds of people just like you. 

Buying a property is a massive investment, so turn to a Buyers Agent who has been trusted by hundreds of buyers before you. At Eureka we buy around 4 properties a month for our clients, and they tell us it's an enjoyable and stress-free experience.


We are trained negotiators who will negotiate rigorously on your behalf.

Sellers have a professional, trained negotiator on their side, and the sales contract is always written to protect the sellers' best interests. Why can't you have the same service in order to compete on a level playing field? At Eureka Buyers Agents we are trained negotiators who will ensure that you only pay for what your property is actually worth.

We are 100% independent - we don't accept commissions or kickbacks

At Eureka Property Buyers Agents we do not accept sales commissions from vendors or developers, and we do not receive 'kickbacks' from any selling agents. We don't sell property.  We work for you and we're 100% objectively on your side.

No High Pressure Sales Techniques

At Eureka Buyers Agents, there is no 'hard sell' - we just provide you with good quality information and advice, enabling you to make your own fully informed decisions. 


We use video footage along with audio commentary to give you better insight into properties

Taking video footage of properties, gives you an insight into a property that you wouldn't normally experience from viewing photographs alone.

Through our videos you can better understand the:
            - Property layout
            - Road noise
            - Room dimensions
            - Streetscape
            - Paint conditions
            - Carpet conditions 
            - Neighbouring streets
            - Neighbouring houses
            - General local area
You get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly - in all its 3 dimensional glory so that there are no hidden surprises!

We are responsive - yes, your call WILL be answered (or returned!)

Some clients come to us after they've been ignored by agents or had to wait days for their call to be returned.  We understand how frustrating this can be.  At Eureka, we are responsive.  Your calls are always answered or returned within the same business day.

We are patient and we explain the process in plain English

Whether you're buying your first property or your seventh, we understand that there will always be parts of the buying process that needs to be explained.  We will always explain the process in plain English because we're not in the business of bamboozling our valued clients!

We will keep you on track 

We act as a buffer so that the selling agent can't push your emotional buttons in order to get you to pay more than you are initially prepared to.  While its our goal to get the best possible property at the best possible price, we are emotionally detached from the situation, allowing us to keep you on track.  

We will help you find the next investment hotspots before the media do!

Being on the ground every day and having to research exhaustively for our clients, we know where the next hotspots are AND we can back up our advice with evidence. 
We'll help you find the best hotspots before the media do so that you have the most lucrative opportunity to maximise your profits. 

Gain access to a wider choice of properties, yes, including the ones that aren't advertised

We will exhaust all avenues to locate the perfect property to suit your needs, including private sellers, 'silent' listings'*, all local selling agents, email alerts to our database (now over 1000 agents throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW), internet searches and local area newspapers.

* Quite often you'll see a brand new listing (on somewhere like realestate.com.au) that is already under contract, and you might think, 'How did that happen so fast?'  It's because Buyers Agents like Eureka got there first, beating the crowd.

Benefit from local knowledge (this also means knowing which areas to avoid)

At Eureka, we know the best areas and streets to buy in, and which ones to avoid! Nicole has been a Gold Coast resident for over 22 years now and, as we are based on the Gold Coast, we therefore have an understanding of the market, local conditions, town planning permiters and local perculiarities inherent on the Gold Coast. Being based locally, we can also respond immediately to your requirements.

Nicole can tell you information about many areas and suburbs of the Gold Coast you may never have heard of! (information you simply just wont' find on Google....)


We are fully licensed, insured and completely trustworthy

We are fully licensed Buyers Agents with both the QLD and NSW Departments of Fair Trading. We have a $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy, and we are a member of the Real Estate Institute of QLD.

We choose to work with only a a small client base so that you get the friendly, personalised service you deserve when making such a big decision

Unlike other Buyers Agents, at Eureka we choose to work with only a small client base at any one time in order to give you the attention you deserve. Our aim is to be the best at what we do, not the biggest.

Also, your file is handled by the business owner, Nicole Marsh, the whole way though - not an administrative or research assistant.  Nicole Marsh will partner with you from the start of the process to the finish, so you won't have to speak to 5 different people every time you call.

We protect your interests during the contract process

We can give you the upper hand during the contract process by sharing our knowledge of what the real estate agents will try to get you to sign. We have a bank of over 300 contract conditions written by a solicitor, which will always ensure that you are protected.


We don't believe in trying to be all things to all people

 At Eureka, we concentrate our efforts on being the best buyers agency we can be. You won't find us diversifying into property management, mortgage broking or pool inspections. These areas  are so specialised and forever changing, it would be impossible to do all of them well in our opinion.

Wwould rather leave these up to the experts in their field while we concentrate on our area of expertise - being Gold Coast Buyers Agents.


To have a friendly, obligation-free chat with Nicole Marsh, contact Eureka Property Buyers Agents today.