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We find. We negotiate. You save.

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  • We find.
    We negotiate.
    You save
    Our aim is to save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches!
  • At Eureka Buyers Agents,
    we work exclusively for you, the buyer
  • We find. We negotiate. You save
    Our aim is to save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches!
  • At Eureka Buyers Agents,
    we work exclusively for you, the buyer

Welcome to

Eureka Buyers Agents

Did you know hundreds of Gold Coast properties are being bought and sold every year in SECRET?

In fact, 30% of the properties we buy for our clients are 'Silent Sales' - never being openly advertised for sale. As a buyer, this can SAVE you thousands of dollars on the purchase price, and gives you access to opportunities the other buyers just doesn't get. But that's just one of the reasons why many buyers choose to work with Eureka Buyers Agents when buying property on the Gold Coast.

Other reasons may include:

  • They're sick of the constant disappointment that properties in real life are nothing like the photos on the internet
  • They're tired of spending endless weekends running around, looking at house after house, only to have all their efforts come up fruitless - again
  • They're frustrated and finding it all too difficult when busy working and raising a family
  • Logistically it's impossible when living interstate or overseas
  • They're not sure of the property's 'true' value
  • They're sick of real estate agents who never return their calls and often provide no assistance to a buyer
  • They can see the benefit of having 'insider local knowledge' on their side - having someone who's actually lived and worked on the Gold Coast for over 22 years now and who knows the intricacies of each individual suburb. That's not something you can simply Google or find out on realestate.com.au
  • They like the peace of mind of having a trained negotiator and an unbiased, third party opinion on their side
  • They like the benefits of having someone who is confident with the Queensland Contract process on their side as it is extremely different to every other state.

Makes you want to pull your hair out, right?

If this sounds like you, then Call us now on 1300 520 062 to discuss your property buying requirements - whatever your reason.



Our aim is to save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches!

But don't just take our word for it - here's what some of our past clients had to say:

Her knowledge of the local market is invaluable .......We achieved a great outcome, instantly adding value to our investment! 

Jason and Priya Nath - Melbourne - June 2018

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Our Guarantee

We believe so strongly in the level and quality of our service that we're prepared to back it up with a 100% money back guarantee!


About Eureka

Eureka Property Buyers Agents is a boutique buyers agency.


We don't believe in having a 'one size fits all' approach.

Why Eureka

We are different to other Property Buyers Agents.


A Few words from some of our past clients.

Case Studies

Some examples of our recent client purchases .

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Call us NOW on 1300 520 062 to discuss your property requirements.

Latest News


So, What Drives the Gold Coast Economy?

We're often asked by our interstate investors what the main driver is of the Gold Coast economy - many people believe its tourism or construction but actually the HEALTH industry is NOW the Number One employer for Gold Coasters.

In 2015, the health industry succeeded the construction sector, employing 35,000 Gold Coast residents, compared to 34,800 in construction.

Employment in the health industry has grown by seven percent over the past three years compared to a fall of five percent for construction based employment. Read more

SHOCK! Did you know buyers PAY MORE for a 'staged' home?

For many sellers, the property stylist is their secret weapon; a professional who is not only trend-savvy, but who can solve the trickiest of interior problems, and quickly.

Its all part of the agents plan designed to get you, the buyer, to part with more of your money!

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Gold Coast Property Market Update 

October 2018

With only 59 days to go, I can't believe we’re on the countdown to Christmas already. Can you?

I also can’t believe it’s been months since I have last put together my last Gold Coast Property Market Update. I'm not slack, just busy - but it just goes to show how quickly time slips away when you dont have a focused plan in place - In life and in business….

Ive had a heap of past clients and network contacts call and ask of late “So Nicole, Whats REALLY happening in the Gold Coast Property Market?” …...Read more



At Eureka Buyers Agents

we work exclusively for you, the buyer, to:


  • Source premium properties on the Gold Coast.  We find you the best possible home or investment property to suit your needs.

  • Negotiate the best price.  You benefit from our fine-tuned negotiation skills - we purchase 3 - 4 properties a month, unlike the average person who would purchase 3 or 4 in their lifetime, so we have it all down to a fine art. We will negotiate with the seller, real estate agent or developer on your behalf to get you the lowest possible price. 

  • Negotiate the best terms. In real estate, EVERYTHING is negotiable and we negotiate the contract terms that best suit you, not the  seller or real estate agent.

  • Save you from the time and frustration usually involved in purchasing property. We are your one point of contact and liaise with the hundreds of agents that you would usually deal with, on your behalf. No more waiting for the agents to return your calls or being shown properties that are nothing like your requirements and don't even remotely look like the photos on the internet!

  • You benefit from our local knowledge. At Eureka, we know the best areas and streets to buy in, and more importantly, which ones to avoid! Nicole Marsh, the Buyers Agent and Business Owner here at Eureka, has lived and worked on the Gold Coast for over 22 years now and has been assisting buyers since 2006. We are based on the Gold Coast - not like others who fly in/fly out and therefore have an intimate understanding of the market, local conditions, traffic bottlenecks, town planning perimeters and local peculiarities inherent on the Gold Coast.

    Nicole can give you information about areas and suburbs that you just simply won't find on realestate.com.au or Google.


Work with us to find a property you love!



 Why Choose Eureka?

At Eureka we work with Home Buyers, First Home Buyers, Interstate and Overseas Investors, as well as Aussie Expats to help you with any or all of the property buying process steps:

  • Searching
  • Researching
  • Inspections
  • Shortlisting the most suitable properties
  • Unbiased market Appraisals
  • Attending and Bidding at Auction on your behalf
  • Negotiations

Find out more information about our services

So, what is the difference between a Property Buyers Agent and a real estate agent?

As a Buyers Agent, we are licensed professionals who specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase on behalf of you, the buyer. We don't sell real estate nor work with any developers.

A real estate agent represents the vendor (seller), and their whole job is to sell a property at the highest possible price, and on terms to suit the vendor. As Buyers Agents, we are the total opposite. 

As Buyers Agents we are on your side. We know the tricks of the trade and we can use them in your favour to get the best property at the best price.

Unlike Real Estate agents, we do not take a commission on the total sale price of the property.

Many people believe that using a Buyers Agent is a luxury only reserved for the rich and famous. This is definitely not the case. We work with buyers of ALL budgets.

As a Buyers Agent we can undertake specific parts of the buying process you need assistance with via an Hourly Rate Package, or we can take care of the entire process as part of our Full Property Buying Service.

The fee for our service is an investment - usually a lot less than the savings you make through our rigorous negotiations, not to mention the time and stress we save you along the way. Ironically, it's usually the people who can't afford to make the wrong property buying decision who need a Buyers Agent the most.



Eureka Buyers Agents is an accredited agency with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland 

Work with us to find a property you love! To have a friendly, obligation-free chat with Buyers Agent Nicole Marsh, simply Call us on 1300 520 062 or contact Eureka Property Buyers Agents today.